Designed by RMJM, one of the world’s most important architecture companies, Optimist Residence elevates residential standards with its beyond time lines, vertical gardens and its structure that allows life ow through. Turkey steps into a new era of elevation in development of structural and architectural culture. Absolutely unique with no equal throughout the world, Optimist Residence comes to life with the perfect combination of traditional Turkish architecture and modern architecture designed to answer the needs of today.

Mimar Sotiris Tsoulos


Optimist Residence paves the way to a maximum use with its masterfully designed life spaces considering user benets. Features like maximum eciency in meter square usage and futile areas that are called “useless space” reduced to zero are at the top of the list that make this project be capable of changing architectural understanding in Turkey.


Concept of vertical gardens is directly integrated to a living project with the innovative architecture of Optimist Residence. Green areas are used both vertically and horizontally to always keep them before the eyes and to benet from the life giving power of nature, its positive energy and its peaceful color at a maximum level. Vertical gardens provide radiation, sound and heat isolation for residential areas with their protective feature.To summarize, nature revives in life, especially in urban life again.


Oriel windows, one of the most important elements of traditional Turkish architecture, are reinterpreted in Optimist Residence with a modern perspective. Oriel windows that were used in traditional Turkish houses to watch outside be er, give more space to use and benet climate conditions in a best way, and a new life in the modern architecture of Optimist Residence. Traditional Turkish architecture is carried into future with Optimist Residence.


Optimist Residence becomes the meeting point of Fikirtepe with walking tracks that pass through the middle and its square full with social and commercial areas around these tracks.Pedestrian passage corridor that connects the main streams at front and rear front together makes it possible for the project to be a living space for 24 hours.Whereas, the residential areas of Optimist Residence have direct private connections from car park area to their ats with elevators barely in touch with this corridor.It protects the privacy of its residents with this innovative architecture.



Optimist Residence is specically located calculating the angles of sun lights in seasons and winds to make sure it benets from sunlight in the most possible way and gets aected by winds in the least way each season.


To sustain ecient consumption of energy sources and minimum use of natural sources, Optimist Residence has been designed regarding sustainable living criteria. Architecture of the project has been edited with response to climate conditions. All these regards, focusing on a single purpose with a holistic approach to project design, have created a successful balance among economical, social and environmental ecects.